Do you know who Perpetua was? Your children soon will! Through the Torchlighters video series/curriculum, we are introducing our SonLIGHT kids to some of the great men and women of the Christian faith. Prayerfully, learning about those who gave their all for their faith will inspire our kids to want to put their faith in motion. 

We've enjoyed learning about Jim Elliot and Samuel Morris over the past couple weeks. 

There are resources available on if you'd like to learn more about the series we are doing or about these great men and women of the faith.

It's a new year!!

Welcome to 2015...ready or not! What were some of your new year's resolutions or goals for 2015? I'm praying that this year will bring more: more depth to the relationships within the children's ministry, more interest in learning how to deepen our relationship with Christ, more children getting involved in children's ministry, more volunteers sharing their gifts with our kids and with each other.

We are starting off the new year in SonLIGHT Kids Club by learning what it means to be aliens in this world and some strategies on how live in this world without letting the world rub off on us. We've issued the first Bible Reading Challenge and will be looking for other ways to challenge our kids and volunteers to open their entire lives to being lead by Jesus.

It's going to be a great year! I can feel it!

It's beginning to look at lot like Christmas!

There are Christmas trees and lights, angels and snowflakes, plus Christmas-y scents in the air. And let's not forget about the PRESENTS! It's easy to get caught up in the hustle, bustle, fun and frantic part of Christmas but we don't want to forget WHY we have Christmas.

In December the SonBeam and SKC classes will both be learning about Christmas. SonBeamers will study the story of the first Christmas in little chunks that build on each other week to week. Using the Why Do We Call It Christmas? Church Edition curriculum, the SKC kids are heading on an adventure from India to Indiana as Buck Denver and friends explore the history and tradition of Christmas!

Wednesday class (now called, "SonLIGHT @ Night") won't meet again until January 4. December 17 is the church's annual Caroling event, December 24th is, of course, the Christmas Eve service and there is no service planned for New Year's Eve.


Fruit of Failure

Satan has no friends.  He does not distinguish between an adult and a child when it comes to his plan for human beings.  He wants to snare us in the trap of temptation and cause as much pain as he can when we give in to sin.
Children are often unaware of the traps the devil has laid out for them.  Because their eyes are not open and wary, they end up falling into traps of lying, deceit, stealing,   revenge, and many other temptations.
In the lessons in our next series "Fruit of Failure," children will look at the story of the original sin from the perspective of each of the characters involved:  Satan (serpent), Adam, Eve, and God.  As we examine the story from all of these different perspectives, we will see the range of emotions and impact that the same series of events had on each of these characters.
Our goal is to help children understand that we ALL are tempted and we ALL have to choose how to handle that temptation.  In addition, God’s response to ALL of us, whether we resist the temptation or fall prey to it, is the same...He loves us and comes looking for us.


Looking ahead to a new SKC series

We are finishing up our "Victory" series on learning lessons from the battles in the Bible. Students received a camoflague dog tag with the word "Victory" on it to remind them of the things they've learned over the past couple of months. Our next series, "Family Dynamics" will be presented by Mrs. Julie beginning on Sunday, October 12. "

Families are a lot like cars. They need a lot of different parts to run smoothly. You have to put the right things in them so that they continue to run properly. When they break down you need to take them to somebody who knows what they are doing in order to fix it. In this series, we are going to be talking about how we can take cre of our families just like we take care of our cars. If you ignore your car, don't change the oil, etc, it will break down! Your children will learn how to handle conflict in the family in the lesson called "Family Feud." They will learn how to deal with the pain of divorce in "When the Family Breaks Down." "Meet the Parents" helps children discover how they can help influence their parents' attitudes by loving, honoring, and obeying them. Finally, in "Where's Dad?", they will discover the amazing truth about how we all have the same loving heavenly Fahter. Even if we don't have a Dad living at home, we can rest assured that we will always have a Heavenly Father who will never leave us." (High Voltage Kids Ministry Curriculum)

Don't forget to give Mrs. Tracy your children's sports and arts schedules! She loves to cheer on her SKC kids at games, concerts, and other activities!

TeamKID Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Tonight we tackled the 10 Commandments. Gotta be completely honest here, I was not looking forward to this lesson. I thought for sure it was going to be a dud. Not because of the Biblical content. God's Rules for us are our foundation! But the way the lesson was put together wasn't my favorite. But ya know what? It turned out great! I can't believe how excited the kids were about learning the 10 Commandments. Granted, we didn't learn them word for word from the Bible. But we had two children who knew our paraphrased commandments and got them in the right order! And there was one 1st grader (yep, FIRST GRADE) who remembered 8! This is after a 15 minute lesson, people! That's some Holy Spirit working in the hearts and minds of our kids! I hope they still remember them next week (and the week after, and the week after...) so here's how we broke it down:
1) Put God first! 2) Worship God only! 3) Use God's name responsibly 4) Set aside a day and keep it holy 5) Respect your mom and dad 6) Do not kill 7) Keep your marriage promises, 8) Do not steal, 9) Do not lie, 10) Do not be jealous of others.

I hope to see all our TeamKIDs next Wednesday, Bibles and completed Activity Sheets in hand, knowing their 10 Commandments! And, hey! Bring a friend!!!

Welcome to the SonLIGHT Blog

Here we go on the new adventure of blogging. I've actually blogged on and off (mostly off) on a personal blog over the past six years. (You are welcome to check it out at http:\\ actually started a blog for the children's ministry and called it "Little Rays of SonLIGHT" back in October. But now we have the capability of having blogs on our church website, so here I am! I hope to blog at least once a week to keep parents updated on what's going on. I'll also share websites, books, music, etc that might interest our SonLIGHT kids and/or their parents.

Also, if you don't already know, we do have a SonLIGHT Children's Ministry Facebook page. Hope you'll stop by and Like it!

Hugs and SonLIGHT! Tracy

TeamKID Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Tonight in TeamKID we learned about Following God's Leadership. We started out the night playing Follow the Leader with each kid taking a turn being the leader. Some leaders were easy to follow and some were hard and sometimes even the leader got stuck (right, Casey?). We talked about how sometimes it's hard to follow and sometimes it's easy but the most important thing was to keep our eyes on the leader! We checked out Genesis 12 and saw where God had Abram leave his home and follow him to a new land! Our memory verse is Psalm 25:4, "Show me your ways, O Lord; teach me your paths." We tried to add motions but having cop's kids in our group changed our heel-toe-heel-toe motion for "path" into a perp walk! Ha! Everyone took home an activity page to complete and bring back next week.

We had such a good time in TeamKID tonight! Thank you for sharing your children with us!